"After two car accidents and a saxophone on my neck for years, I know about pain.
Many massage therapists have worked on me over the years, but Lisa is the only one who yields consistent results days, weeks and months after a massage. Recently, after consistent weekly treatments, I was able to reduce my chiropractic adjustments in half.
I recommend her to all of my friends."

Dave Bass, Musician

"I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and I find massage helps increase my ability to feel items. This allows me to pick up items and not worry about dropping things or cutting myself. I also hold a lot of stress in my neck area and it is chronically sore and this decreases my range of motion. Some of the sporting activities I do require good range of

Massage helps to relieve the pain, increase range of motion, and allows me to relax. This decreases irritability, improve performance, and increases energy levels. I would recommend massage as an avenue to reduce stress, improve health. Lisa does deep tissue work that I find very helpful and therapeutic. I have had massages by others and most do not tune into the problem areas and tend not to resolve issues in problem areas."

Dennis A. 54
Wheelchair Fencer
Paralympic 2012-Contender

"Lisa Aspy has been my massage therapist for the last 24 years. In the past forty or so years I’ve used massage therapists. I continue to see Lisa for my back, my calves, my golf and my tennis. She is simply the best I have ever known. Further, she is also a most thoughtful and caring practitioner. I have recommended her to anyone in need of her services."

Leonard Ross, President. 80+

"I've been seeing Lisa for 5 years now, and think my overall health has improved since I started seeing her. She's fantastic! I go to her because I need more than a relaxing rubdown from the spa; I need some intense massage therapy!"

Tiffany Posey,

the Sundance Center