About Us

Founded in 1988 and then incorporated in 2002, the Sundance Center has provided over 20 years of quality health care. We take pride in our service to listen to the client and help educate them about their condition. Sometimes a session is a quiet hour of relaxation while other times a session will consist of an active participation from the client involving a discussion of how their problem originated, participating in table stretching and home exercises.

                            A caring heart, listening ears, and educated client is the basis of our philosophy.

The Sundance Center's President and Founder, Lisa Aspy developed the idea for The Sundance Center after working in the medical field for many years and noticing that health care industry has taken on a "get in and get out" policy. The patients' care is often short changed. By allowing time for the client to discuss his or her problem to the health care provider,the story often unfolds revealing the nature of the problem, its origin, and its solution. Lisa sees that it is somewhat like working a jigsaw puzzle - one must take time to look at the whole picture before one knows where to start. The Sundance Center was established to try to give individual attention to each person in order to make a proper assessment, allow adequate time to listen, and communicate.                                                     


 1990 Connective Tissue Seminar
 2006 Assessments

 1992 TMJ Seminar
 2009 Qi Gong I,II,III,IV

 1993 Clinical Sports Massage Seminar
 2010 Aromatherapy

 1996 Pregnancy Seminar 
 2010 Touch For Health I

 1997 Heart Zone Training
 2010 Qi Gong

 2003 Fibromyalgia
 2011 Scoliosis / TMJ Seminar

 2004 Craniosacral I & II
 2011 Chronic Pain Seminar

1988 Graduated from America School of Massage 
                                                                           1988 Received Florida Massage License (LMT)                                                                                1999 Received national Massage Certification (NCBTMB)

Active member of the AMTA since 1992
Active member of NCTMBT since 1999

State of Georgia License MT004186

National Provider Identification 1629219886

The Sundance Center