Welcome to the Sundance Massage Center

The Sundance Center, Inc. was established in 2002.  The Director, Lisa Aspy offers over 26 years massage experience working with people of all ages and conditions.

                                       Our specialties are:

Low back pain              Stress reduction                    Shoulder problems 
Headaches                    Sports rehabilitation             Flexibility
Jaw pain (TMJ)              Relaxation

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Our every day habits and thought patterns have a pronounced effect on our quality of life. Massage not only increases our physical flexibility but also improves our mental and emotional well being. Massage is a crucial tool to help us adapt to life's every day stresses & strains.

Life is forever changing - massage will help to change with it!


Here are an astounding number of benefits where massage can help.

       STRESS                                                                            SPORTS                                                               HEALTH  
Reduces stress                                                               Increases lung / air capacity                                  Increases circulation
Increases endorphins                                                       Increases athletic performance                               Increases skin tone / elasticity

Relieves headaches                                                         Speeds injury recovery                                          Speeds post surgical recovery
Lowers blood pressure                                                     Increases flexibility                                                Improves posture

Calms nervous system                                                     Reduces heart rate                                               Reduces swelling & scarring
Improves concentration                                                     Loosens tight muscles                                          Strengthens immune system

Promotes relaxation                                                         Eliminates lactic acid &  other toxins                      Improves sleep
Decreases depression                                                      Increases metabolism                                           Improves concentration                                       

Lisa Aspy

Sundance Massage Center